Texting Do's And Don'ts For Dating Success

Posted: 04.02.19


Some people are saying that there is an art to dating online, but a lot of online dating is common sense. Some tips and strategies can help people have more substantial amounts of success when it comes to dating in general, and texting is no different.

Whether you have been chatting with somebody for quite a period of time, or you are just meeting somebody and have only chatted once or twice, there are many things to remember about texting that can help you along your dating journey. Consider each of these on a case-by-case basis, and remember that respect when dating is immensely important and one of the keys to successful long-term dating, short-term dating, and even casual sex.

Texting Do's

Similar to online dating profiles, texting is a form of communication that should line up with who you are as a person. Lying is a terrible way to start a relationship, regardless of whether you want to date long-term, date short-term, or just want to have a little bit of casual fun with a new partner. Being honest about who you are will help you find compatible matches and develop relationships that align with your needs and wants.

Remember that it is okay to communicate what your needs and wants are with the person you are texting. If you are not a compatible match, it is often better to know earlier rather than later. All conversations about wanting to find someone to marry can wait for a little bit of time, whether you are looking for long-term dating partners, short-term dating partners, or casual sex partners, can have a significant impact on whether or not your relationship with someone else could be successful. If they are looking for other things, do not take it personally, each person is looking for something special and unique.

If you are texting with someone that you have met online, but not in person, take care to protect your personal information and your money. If people ask you for information you are uncomfortable giving, or for money, take note and avoid these people in the future. If you are texting with a friend or someone that you have met multiple times through mutual friends, odds are your friends have opinions about them and how trustworthy they are. Make your own judgments as well, but take the time to get to know people before sharing your personal information or money with them.

Texting Don'ts

In addition to being things that you should do, there are many things that you should not do when sending text messages. First off, do not send raunchy pictures of yourself, or explicit text messages , without getting proper consent first. This is an issue that many women and some men have to deal with on a regular basis, and it gets old fast. People want to know that their potential dating partners, casual partners, and long-term relationship partners are trustworthy. Consent is a massive part of this, and asking before sending is a huge first step in developing trust with another person. If they say no, respect that. This extends beyond sexual messages; respecting people will help you get more dates and casual fun overall.

Do not ask people for their personal information, or to meet in person in your first number of messages. Get to know someone a little bit first; it pays big dividends overall. Also, never ask people for money. This is the number one way to get people to believe that you might be a scammer.

Final Notes

There are many people in the online dating world, meaning there are plenty of matches for you. Take the time to learn online dating tips and be very patient. When you move into the realm of text messaging, people may not respond straight away to all of your messages. People have their own lives and may take their time in getting back to you. Relax, enjoy the conversation you're having, be flirty and have fun, and most of all be respectful of your potential partners. It will make a significant impact and help dating be successful for you.

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