Biggest Signs of Online Cheating

Posted: 04.02.19


People who cheat are not a new invention, and cheating did not start when the Internet arrived on the dating scene. That said, the signs of cheating over the years have not changed drastically, and it is still something that many people struggle with and experience in their lives. Different people consider cheating to be different things, some believing that flirting is a type of cheating and others accept that flirting can be in good fun only. Virtual affairs can happen online and via cell phone and can include sexting, exchanges of explicit photos, videos, or emails, and even moving into a physical affair and real-life physical intimacy. There are many ways that people can cheat on their partner, and there are many signs that cheating might be happening.

Perhaps one of the most significant changes over time is that the Internet allows people to find willing sex partners for immediate gratification quickly and more secretively. If you believe your spouse is cheating or that they could get caught up in an online affair, here are the signs that can help point to whether or not your partner is potentially partaking in online fun outside of what has been communicated as acceptable.

Signs of Online Cheating

First off, there may be a change in the way people use and deal with their digital devices, including an increase in password protection on computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Other changes that sometimes happen with these types of devices is an increase in secrecy that wasn't there before. If people are changing web pages consistently as you enter the room, or closing out of their email whenever you are nearby, and they haven't normally done that, it may be a sign that they are hiding something from you. It could also be that they are planning a birthday present or surprise, so it is essential to take these types of signs and see if there are other signs as well before jumping to conclusions.

Some people hide social media accounts from their partners if they are having an affair. This could be their main account, but could also be secondary accounts. If you are friends with your partner on social media accounts and see a sudden increase in interaction from someone, and that interaction is flirtatious, they could be having an affair. Upfront and open, nonjudgmental, communication is the best way to approach this.

Other ways that people can check up on what their partners are doing online is looking at their Internet browsing history. Websites that they visit appear here, and can often shed light on what people are doing online. Additionally, changes in cell phone bills may lead to the discovery of foreign numbers or pay by the minute numbers, which can lead to more suspicion.

Finding out about dual identities that people have online can be a little bit shocking, and for some people is considered a betrayal in its own way. It could be due to the person having an affair, but could also be due to a number of other reasons. Talking about dual identities if they are discovered is vital.

What to Do About Online Cheating

Of course, you will need to talk with your partner about appropriate online behavior and have a conversation with them about activities that you discover. It is sometimes best to give them the benefit of the doubt, but if you have conclusive evidence that they are hiding something from you or having an affair, approaching it is the best course of action. Many people pretend that the other people in their lives would never cheat on them, and some go on for years rejecting the possibility even when the signs are there. Be open with your partner, consider forgiveness, take advantage of marriage counseling if it is accessible, and keep the focus on what is best for your future.

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